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The Community Fund 2022

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What is the Community Fund?

The Community Fund is an initiative between The Leys & St Faith's Schools Foundation and Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission. It supports charity and community projects in the Cambridge area, and in the local community around City Road in East London, which benefit the local community.

How will my gift help?

Every year, the Community Fund supports amazing projects around Cambridge which make life better for residents. Your gift will help make more grants available for local initiatives, from community orchards to cookery training programmes to holiday food schemes. By coming together, the Leys Community is making a real difference.

The Community Fund: supporting the Cambridge community

The Community Fund supports projects which will bring benefits to the community in the broadest sense, whether that's a new shared allotment, a trip to the beach for children who otherwise couldn't go, or sports equipment for a Brownie unit. Every gift goes to exciting local causes.

Is this more than money?

The Community Fund is not only about giving grants to local causes. It is also about donating time and talent, alongside financial support, to have the greatest possible positive impact. From the time of the opening of the Leysian Mission, the Leys Community has always been dedicated to playing an active role in the local community and supporting those in need of help. The Community Fund is the next step of this commitment.

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